LIC Jeevan Anand Policy: Invest Rs 80 daily and get Rs 28000 pension every month

Millions of people have invested in LIC as an investment here is remotely safe as it is governed by the government. Also, investing in LIC (LIC Policy) gives many benefits to customers in the future.

5 Golden rules of retirement planning

You can try them at any age and, if you’re lucky, you can start your retirement early.

Reasons to invest in a child insurance plan

The beauty of investing in a child insurance plan is that it continues even after the demise of the policyholder

Just started working? Beware of these six money mistakes you could make

Shore up your finances with an emergency fund and insurance, save every month, invest to create wealth, and borrow with great care

Life insurance policies can help during accidents too

Life insurance is an important investment simply because it helps secure your family’s well-being should you one day not be around

NRIs must have health policy in India

Healthcare in India is at the crossroads with the government rolling out the biggest publicly funded healthcare plan in the world and clamping down on prices of medical devices, even as global investments are pouring into tertiary care Quite often, people travel abroad for jobs or business and plan to reside there for a couple of years.

Want to retire early? Ensure you have planned for future income

Planning for early retirement is not just about building a large corpus but it is also about making sure the corpus lasts longer

FINANCIAL PLANNING: Ease your parents’ post-retirement life

Ensure that both parents are fully aware of all their financial holdings. You may also want to talk to them about writing a will

Here's why you need a financial planner

A professional investment adviser will have the expertise to make it a simple and fruitful process for you