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Not Knowing Insurance Sub-Limits Can Come As A Rude Shock

Before opting for a health policy, individuals should go through the entire specifications of the product, including the coverage, exclusions, waiting periods, and sub-limits, if any, along with the premiums, and opt for a product only after evaluating their requirements.

Salaried Women See An Increase In Life Insurance Ownership, Says Report

Ownership of life insurance by Indian women residing in urban areas witnessed a sharp increase, reveals a recent study. In a 12-month survey that ended in January 2020, life insurance ownership witnessed 8 per cent increase up to 67 per cent. Comparatively, life insurance ownership by men witnessed 3 per cent increase up to 71 per cent, during the same period.

Life Insurance Opportunities For Millennials

India has one of the largest Gen Y population of the world. Also referred to as the millennial population which comprises of the people born during the period 1981-1996, their population in India is estimated at 426 million, which is approximately 34 per cent of the total Indian population.

What Does An Indian Investor Look For In An Advisor?

Most people tend to have a complicated relationship with money. They perennially want more of it but are seldom able to multiply it to the levels that they desire. The average individual has always found financial planning and investing to be a bit of a complicated task.

Life Insurers Registered Premium Growth Of 10.75% In 2018-19

Life Insurers Registered Premium Growth Of 10.75% In 2018-19 Nirmala Konjengbam - 22 December 2019 Mumbai, December 22: There is a good news for life insurance industry. The 2018-19 annual report released by Insurance regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) shows the industry registered a double digit growth as opposed to the previous year.

Benefits Of A Life Insurance

Life insurance has been around for long. But if you don’t have an insurance, don’t be surprised, there are many in India who don’t have an insurance policy to their name. In fact, according to the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) report of 2017-18, the insurance penetration in India stood at 3.69 per cent, one of the lowest across the world.