Life insurance: Evaluate your insurer based on 3 key parameters

Life insurance is an important component of financial planning in India, offering protection and security for loved ones. When selecting a provider, individuals should prioritize those with high claim settlement ratios and swift turnaround times.

Why You Should Consider Getting Health Insurance in Your 30s and 40s

Health insurance is one of the most critical investments you can make keeping in mind the rising medical costs in the country. Getting a health insurance policy at an early age helps in better financial planning. This is because health insurance helps in saving taxes and provides financial assistance for medical expenses.

Health Insurance: How to ensure your claim doesn't get delayed or rejected? Experts explain

It's bad enough that you have been incapacitated with some disease or loss that has caused you to lose time and money; what is probably as bad is the paperwork that is inevitable, the processes that must be followed to get your insurance claim processed.